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Overturn common sense! Original stand where you can stand and play cajon!

Cajon is in a new frontier! New release of cajon stand where you can stand and play!
Although it is a popular cajon, there are many people who say, "You're coming to your waist!"
This cajon stand for standing performance has the same image as when playing a conga or bongo drum on the stand, and it is possible to play the cajon in a comfortable posture while standing.

The height and angle can be adjusted, and it is set with various percussion.
Depending on the idea, the specifications of Cajon are likely to expand.
The stand can be disassembled so it is compact to carry.

* If you are worried that your cajon will fit, please feel free to contact Ethnic City.

● Available cajon size: Height 43-56 cm x Width 27-31 cm
* There may be an error in the size described in the catalog, so please do it yourself. We recommend that you purchase after measuring.
● Height of the base on which the cajon is placed: 61-72 cm from the floor

* Since it is not strong enough to support excessive weight, put your weight on the stand with the cajon on it. Do not put more weight than the cajon. It may cause damage to the stand.

* The cajon in the photo is sold separately.

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