ZENKO then Coe AKEBONO Akebono ZEN03 A440Hz

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Sound of healing♪A percussion of in professional line!

"ZENKO" which a performance can enjoy freely from France.
With a slit drum made of the metal, I beat the part of the slit and play it.
By all 9 sound constitution, it is the corn with the core and the clear sound that I did.
The performance by the hand is possible, too, but may draw a sound more by using exclusive mallet.
"AKEBONO" is a do-re-mi♭・ソ ソ♯It becomes the Japanese musical scale of the の 5 sound.

●Size: Approximately 32cm in diameter X approximately 13cm in height
●Weight: Approximately 2.8 kg
●Accessories: Exclusive case, mallet, cushion
●Akebono (G3, C4, D4, E♭4・G4・G♯4・C5・D5・E♭5) / standard sound A=440Hz

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