Resta Joflois Model MG04R

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Resta's Figurative Mallet Jean Geoffroy Rattan Pattern Model

The Joflois model maximizes the sound of the marimba with a good sense of weight.
You can use a wide range of songs from classics to contemporary music.
Gradation use with the same series is recommended.
MG03R, 03-5R, 04R, 05R, 05-5R can be used almighty depending on the song.

※ Because the product of this time is also sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that we will order it if it is out of stock at the store. Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time to order an imported mallet.

○ Material: Wool
○ Handle material: Rattan handle
○ Hardness: Medium
○Tape color: Red
※ It will be sold in pairs of 2

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