Playwood Orchestra XG Series XG-34

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Sawako Yasue produce model Acetal with brass ※2 pieces 1 set

It is a five kinds of mallet that can cover a wide range from orchestra to brass band, classical to pop music.
By changing a few touches with these five mallets, it is possible to express a variety of tones. Get the most out of each mallet's character and find your own sound!

If you have these 5 pairs, you can do anything! !

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(During new year holidays and large consecutive holidays, it is not the limit of the display)

Size: φ24 (with brass) ×250
Material: Acetal ball
Handle: Rattan pattern + bamboo pattern / two-step handle
2 pieces 1 set

The sound of the glocken extends well. Turn to slow phrases or one-shot sounds (e.e. Mahler). A rich and deep tone.

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