Da5 -D.a. to the fifth power-

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Ooya Hamaguchi: 5 duets without the keyboard percussion instrument

ダ toe the fifth power / はまぐちだいや

[person of composition comment]
The work which pursued the origin of the percussion instrument which is a musical instrument to hit. I am comprised of only a musical instrument without the interval.
The work name is 5 乗 of 打 from five percussionists. In addition, it was named by "da" of Ooya Hamaguchi of own.
Diverseness is considered to be it, but strange time, please play paste cheerfully without being late.
I use only a musical instrument without the interval, but I determine it, and prevent you from becoming monotonous.
There is no designation of the interval of the glass harp. I devise it in players, and, please use the best thing.
The designation such as the mallet is guidelines to the last. Please devise it in players.
(Ooya Hamaguchi)

*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand

Score part-time job music set

[use musical instrument]

I. Bongo, Triangle, Cowbell, Glass Harp.

II. Conga(2), Suspended Cymbal(2)弓が必要, Glass Harp.

III. Snare Drum(2), Wood block(3).

IV. Tom-tom(2), Claves.

V. Floor Tom, Bass Drum, Gong, Glass Harp

[performance time]

Approximately three minutes 12 seconds
*Because it is the performance time by the reference sound source about performance time, it varies according to a performance method, a tempo.


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