LP Small-Oconcolo butter drum LP492-RWC

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An LP order color butter drum it is most small Oconcolo( オコンコロ).🔊

The butter drum of the LP!
It is the red that I ordered in particular in JPC ethnic city!

This is a drum called オコンコロ of the smallest size.

"I hate it" and have each name called "イトテレ" "オコンコロ" from big with the generic name of three both sides drums of the size with "butter drum".
Originally, by a drum used in a religion ceremony of Cuba, I have one per person and I sit down and swat it.
I bring about complicated rhythm in three people by putting each person's simple different rhythm together.
The rhythm that put three together may be beaten alone now.

●Size: LP492=Small(Oconcolo) 5"&6-3/4"
●A shell: サイアム oak
●Parts: Chrome parts, real leather
●Accessories: Strap, tuning wrench

※For a musical instrument made by real leather, there is individual difference in sound.
The sound is a sample.

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