Pearl signature model stick 709H Tadashi Ishikawa

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Tadashi Ishikawa model marching stick

It is a bit big, and the shoulder sets it to adopt slightly a bit big 18mm diameter grip, and to draw rebound speed in a maximum. In the case of a strong shot, I do not move slightly and bring precise stick control. In addition, the spiral shellfish 立 ちを realization that I adopt a ball (ball)-shaped tip because even the strokes except the normal performance angle such as trick how to play get the stable sound quality and touch, and is clear. Furthermore, I enable a smooth, light stickwork when the grip end is processed spherically and performs back stick execution.

●Materials: Hickory
●Size: φ = 18mm X L=430mm
●A tip shape: Ball type
※It is sale with one pair

※The staff chooses it, but there is the case that an error of around 2g produces.

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