Ida Multi Tray Stand MTY-1st

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A must see for a small size Mallet Stand!

It is a stick & mallet for percussion devices that do not use many types of bats, such as snare drums and suspend cymbals.
If you need a lot of mallets, a large table surface Mallet stand is a necessity, but conversely, a large Malletto stand will be in the way.
At such time, it tends to put a bee on the score stand, but it tends to be in trouble, the worst, the worst, the bee dropped, and there are many people who have such an experience?
A simple multi-tray stand can be placed in a little space, and if you use it, it is a very convenient stand.

● Height: 620-1200mm

● Tray Size: [Inner size] W400 × D138mm, [Outside size] W400 × D165mm


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