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Portico refers to the corridor entrance in the ancient Greek buildings. It seems like a portico in the stage.

Portico / Tom gogger

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Marimba (c28-f69 3-1 / 2 octave) *
Marimba (c28-f69), triangles
Marimba (c28-f69)
Marimba (c28-f69), Crotale (HI Oct.. D, e, a, H)
Vibraphone (f33-f69 octave)
Vibraphone (f33-f69), chime (c-f-1-1 / 2 octave), snare drum, xylophone (c52-c883 octave)
Glockenspiel (g59-c88 2-1 / 2 octave), snare drum, chhime * 2, Tom Tom (1)
Timpani (4), suspended
Chime, snare drum, Tom Tom (4), suspended cymbal, glass wind chime, triangle, sleigh bell
Bass drum with attached cimbal, suspended central (3), Tam Tam, sribber

* it can be played in the range of so-called educational tenor buses
2 chime share
The share of the instrument including the share of the chime depends on the setting.


[playing time]

About 12 minutes
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

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