Pearl Concert Custom Timpanimlet 667C

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The Chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Mr. Yoshihiro Ando, is the supervisor of the percussion instrument of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

The concert custom model is a congruent model by Yoshihiro Ando, the chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and is set to a hard specification while giving weight to the maret head, as it exerts its clarity and sense of tone in the clarity.
In addition, shafts are used in a thin, hickory to achieve superior mallet manipulations by lightweight.
The lineup of six types of mallets are lineup.

The 667C uses cork wood as its head, and has a strong attack and a clear sound of sound.
This is a model that is less heavy on the Tinpanihead surface, since it is more lightweight than the so-called "tree beaches" made of all the trees.

* If the manufacturer has inventory, it will be in the delivery period.
(Not as far as the display is available during the New Year and New Year holidays.)

Cork Head
The size of the shaft is: 12.5 × 348mm
○ 35mm head diameter
* 2 A set of books


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