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Dillabucca with the jungle, 10 inches.

It is a goblet-shaped drum widely used in the Middle East.I'll play it with my side.
Armihammardo is a type of tuning nail that is called a torcostyle.
The instrument itself is light, and the sound is light compared to that of the coppers.
The jungle is in the body of the dalabuca, and the jingle songes with the Gee.
It is a tone color that has a rich and rich low tone.

Size: Approximate size: 25 cm (10)) × height: 40.8 cm tall
○ Alumbody and floating carving
The tunninged tuned -

*Due to the ethnic musical instruments, the patterns and specifications may be slightly different depending on the time of receipt.
Please accept.
This is a very surprising process, but understanding the characteristics of folk musical instruments.


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