Remo Infinity Dj-0114-22

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Skin Deep Natural Head Djmbe!

REMO's new series infinity djanbe.
The head is slightly rough, the latest plastic head skin deep, and the body is made of solidified wood chips called akosticons.

Compared to African-made djumbes, it still has a high overt tone that is somely unique to plastic heads, but it resonates well from bass to treble.
In addition, since it is a plastic head, it is not affected by humidity or weather, and there is no problem even if it remains stretched. The head can be easily replaced and maintenance is easy. It is a lug with a curved shape that demonstrates safety and comfort when playing and transporting.

- Size: 14" ×25"
- Head: Remo Skin Deep Natural
- Shell: Akosticon
- Weight: about 7kg
- Color: multi-color

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