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It is durable flamenco castanets association of Japanese castanets official recognition. Medium size double hall

It is full-scale flamenco-style castanets of the association of Japanese castanets official recognition.

I realize an affordable price while the main body adopting フィブラ resin, and securing the durability that is higher than a product made in woodenness and plastic.
It is recommended towards a request by the attack that I did well more firmly than wooden castanets.

I make truth shellfish Yuji of association of Japanese castanets's chairperson an adviser in professional castanets players on developing it and pursue the quality that can cope with a high performance!
Including personal durability of an orchestra and the brass band club, school equipment, it is the finish which is most suitable for a dancer or the lover of the flamenco.
"Tellina( shiny tellin shell) I make "a pet name.

●An article number: CA-20MWR
●Material: フィブラ resin
●Size: 70 medium size = φ *94
●A color: Red
●Double hall
※One set of two

※A silence pad (separate sale) conformity model number: CA-1PM, CA-2PSMR, CA-2PSMBL


Tendency of the sound by castanets CA-20 series specifications

・A hall shape: Tone with the single hall = light るめの tone / double hall = shop and depth
※Shape of the dent of the hall shape = inside
・Size: Small size = lightness / medium size = moderation / large size = is solid
・Color finish: Some sounds are lower than black = normal / color (red green) = black

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