Playwood tellina flamenco castanets ca-20sb

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Japan castanets Association Japan. Flamenco castanets. Single hole

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The body is made of fibra resin, and the durability is more durable than wood and plastic, and the price is easy to request.
Recommended for those who require hard and hard attack than wooden castanets.

In the development, we are a professional castanet player, and we are invited to be the advisor of the Japan castanets Association of Japan.
It is the perfect finish for the dancers and the enthusiasts of the orchestra including the individual possession of the orchestra and the brass band, and the school supplies.
It is nicknamed "tellina."

Ca-20 sb
Fibra resin
Size S φ× 83
Black color
Single hole
Two sets


Sound trends with castanets ca-20 series specifications

Hall shape: single hole = light / double hole = slightly deep tone
Shape of hole shape
Size: s size = light / M size = medium / L size = heavy
Color finish: Black = usual / color (red green) = less sound than black


Fibra resin

Fibra resin is a type of reinforced plastic (FRP) which has high strength and light fiber fibril fiber (aramid fiber) to enhance the consolidation strength while impregnating resin.

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