Pearl white Wood model bongo BG-209WR

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The Nu Skin head specifications bongo of the pearl! 🔊

The whitewood bongo of the pearl. It is a musical instrument of the standard size that I dig it out, and attached a head to a trunk of the whitewood.
This product is a new model of Nu Skin head specifications of REMO.
Because I am not affected by weather such as the humidity, it is most suitable for the use the outdoors.
Omission of the upper register is good and is the musical instrument which it is easy to sound.
Other than Latin, the use by the wind music is recommended, too.

●Size: 7"+8-1/2"
●A shell: Thai oak
●Parts: Chrome
●Counter crown hoop
●A head: REMO Nu Skin

※For a wooden musical instrument, there is individual difference in grain of wood, sound.

※I was changed in the specifications that "Pearl" logo was printed on in a head, the bottom of the "REMO" logo. An image is a sample.

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