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A familiar song with a gentle tone of Marimba.

The recording song is only an orthodox song. A performance by Miyota Kuwahara is one of the beginners to be a professional, and there is no loss.
This album revenue is donated as a donation to the Great East Japan Earthquake, as it will be a red-crossed international support album.

Piano: Koji Morishi

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[recorded music]

1. Nem no Ko Moro Song

2. Troimeri

3. American Patrol

4. Hungaria Dance No. 5

5. Hungaria Dance No. 6

6. Wall of money

7. Chaldash

8. Flying Bee Bee

9. Gallop of the Jester

10. Sword dance

11. Chigoinel Wisen

12. The march of the toy soldiers

13. Hycence Serenade

14. There is a path to the place where there is no way

15. Ozuki's leaky song

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