YAMAHA Regular Model MR-920L

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Regular model ABS resin ball (large)

ABS resin head (large) type of ABS resin head (MR series) who plays an almighty from brass band to orchestra.
ABS resin head features a lightweight and bright tone.
It can be used not only for keyboard percussion instruments such as syrophone glocken but also for resin blocks and other accessories perfect instruments.

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(In the case of the New Year and a large holiday, it is not as long as it is displayed)

※ Because this product is also sold at the store, the stock status is not in real time. If you are out of stock at the storefront, it will be ordered. Please note that we may receive considerable time for the order of imported goods Mallet.

● Pattern: rattan
● Hardness: Berry Hard
● Material: ABS resin (large)
● Core size: φ28 mm sphere
● Total length: 370mm
※ Display price is tax-included price of one set (two)


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