Contemporania Pandeiro PDG105F

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Pandeiro for Beginners in Contemporania!

Contemporania is one of the highest popular manufacturers in Brazilian instruments.
PDG105C is a light tone with a dungle with aluminum.
Price is also affordable and recommended for beginners.
This is a pandeiro that is towards the rotation of the rotation.
A model that is also perfect for the popular South-noot method.
Also, since you are using a round hoop, you can easily replace the head.

● Size: 10 "× height 46mm
● Shell: Wood
● Head: goat
● Round hoop
● Platinatora (jingle): 5 pairs of aluminum (no middle plate)
● Tahaasha (tension hook): 6 places
● Weight: 424g

※ The photo is a product sample. Please note that there are individual differences in the color and pattern of the skin due to this specification.


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