Schlagwerk Skinwood Yambu Perano YD442

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Yanbu with Snare Wire!

A Schlagwerk original instrument with Snare Wire attached to a Yanbu drum. It is an instrument with attractive noise and bass that resembles a cajon.

Even if it is difficult to sit in a cajon and play, Yanbu can handle it without difficulty. You can also play side by side with conga and djembe, and the variety of settings will expand!

In 2010, the striking surface became a new material called skinwood, and it was newly released!

< font color = "red"> * There are some adhesions and scratches on the adhesive during the manufacturing process. It does not affect the sound or performance. Please note.

● Size: 14 "x 29.5"
● Strike surface: Skin wood (natural skin & amp; wood)
● Sound line / no adjustment required
> ● With floor stand

* There are some individual differences in the striking surface, body grain, and color each time it arrives.


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