KMK Timpani Mallet KK-TMK02 H

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[Felt wrapping by Mr. Akihiro Kato!] KMK taper model

KMK timpani mallet, this is a taper model.
The taper starts from the hand, the center of gravity is closer to the hand, and the grip part in the series is the thickest model.

The felt winding of the head is all produced by Mr. Akihiro Kato, who is familiar with Kato mallets.
We have a total of 5 types of lineup, from very hard to soft.

* Delivery date when the manufacturer has stock. (During the year-end and New Year holidays and long holidays, it is not limited to the display.)
* This product is also sold at stores, so the stock status is not real-time. Please note that if the item is out of stock at the store, it will be backordered.

○ Pattern: Maple material
○ Size: Overall length 363mm / Grip diameter 15mm
○ Head core: Hard coarse cork 25mm
〇German felt 1 roll

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