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It is Jun Jun made in Cote d'Ivoire (ケンケニ).

Jun Jun (ケンケニ) made in Cote d'Ivoire.

With both sides drum to use with ジャンベ, the leather of the cow is put on the wooden body without くり. I employ in combination three drums varying in the size, ケンケニ sun van Jun Jun.

The right hand beats a drum with a drumstick, and the left hand swats a bell (selling) which I attached to the body.

Because it is new, sound of the samples is slightly rather hard sound, but while I embezzle it, skin is familiar, and a rumble improves.

※Because there is individual difference to a sound, size, weight, please inquire.

●Size: Around 29.5cm in diameter X around 60cm in height
●There is no sculpture
●One drumstick attachment

※The photograph is a product example. It may be different from the real product.
Because Jun Jun made in Africa has a big individual difference, leather thickness and color, the grain of wood of the body are different one by one.

The person of the request, please talk about the details of the current stock over an email, a telephone.

※The sound is a sample. There is individual difference in pace.


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