YAMAHA Regular Model Keyboard Mallet MR-1140 S

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Hard rubber head mallet soft type of YAMAHA Algular model

It is a rubber mallet that can be used widely for not only the keyboard percussion device but also wood blocks and other accessories perfect instruments.
MR-1100 to MR-1105 with hardness can also be used for glocken and syrophone, MR-1110 to MR-1140. (Please note that the sound board may be broken when you hit it strongly.)

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock. (In the case of the New Year and a large holiday, it is not as long as it is displayed)
※ Because this product is also sold at the store, the stock status is not in real time. If you are out of stock at the storefront, it will be ordered.

● Pattern: rattan
● Hardness: Software
● Material: Hard rubber
● Core size: φ 30 × 20 mm
● Color: Purple
● Total length: 390mm
※ Display price is tax-included price of one set (two)

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