LP Patatto Model Conget LP522X &559X-1BK

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The fiber-glass model of LP's fiber glasses.🔊

It is the highest point in the fibre-glass shell and the LP putat model.
The sound is firmly fat, low-sound, high-sound, and a balance is a very good instrument.
It is easy to produce a gentle round sound from a clear high-sound, and a small sound, and the instrument still sounds.It sounds like an LP!
Because the body is fiber-glass, it is more durable than the body, so it is also used for outdoor use and for use in groups and groups.
The plate is designed with a hat that is Mr. Patat's tracemark.

● Size: 11 "+ 11-11-4" × 30 "
● Shell: Fiber
Color: Black
Part: Clomparts -
Conforte Curve-Up U Rim -

*There is a difference in the sound in sound because the skin head is used.
Sound is a sample.

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