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Expression of sound and motion using rhythm moving

What is necessary for modern children is the power to create the expression by using the mind and the body full. It is able to raise such a feeling power. The advice of the practice is full loading, and any teacher can spread the world of imagination and creativity of the child.

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Yanaginuma Teruko
V. the number of judges
Year of publication: July 18, 2008


1 magical magic to "toy country"
2 bottle stuffed
3 gifts for stuffed animals
4 concert "toy March"
5 dancing dolls
6 if toys are full
7 "KenKen Parken"
"O no ho ho!"
"Zazo San"
11 "let me go."
12 a story spread from "hirahiri"
13 let's roll the ball
14 in the rhythm -- the next man ready
15 phonetic quiz
16 tableware
17 let's move soft paper
18 sounds from where? With two cymbals
19 the teacher is in the tambourine witch!
20 the teacher is against the wizard balloon!
21 "snail"
"There was a duck,"
24 "Fireflies"
25 "ohaka empresses" & "Odori entsu"

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