The Wave Impressions Solo Marimba and Two Casters for Casters

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Atsuko Abe: A dynamic work with high difficulty as a play group entering the national convention at the Ensemble Contest

"The Wave Impressions for Solo Marimba and 2 Percussionists"

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[Used instrument]

MARIMBA (C16-C76 5 Octave)

· CONGA (2), Bongo (2), Tom-TOM (3), Suspended Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal, Wind Chime, Glass Chime, Chime (from bottom to e ', a', e ''), Temple Block (4) , CLOTALE (CC Low Octave)

• Bass Drum (2), TAM-TAM, SLIT DRUM (4 sounds), BELL TREE, Finger Cymbal, WOOD BLOCK (4), a bow by a bow

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