Remo Djambe DJ-0012-05

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Plastic head djmbe. Standard size 12 inches.

REMO Djanbe. The head is made of plastic, and the body is made of hardened wood chips called akosticons.

Compared to African jambes, I'm a little bothered that the high oversoning peculiar to plastic heads remains, but it resonates well from bass to treble.

In addition, since it is a plastic head, it is not affected by humidity or weather, and there is no problem even if it remains stretched. The head can be easily replaced and maintenance is easy.

Because there is a dirt part in the body, it becomes a special price. Please understand in advance when purchasing. For details, please contact Ethnic City at 03-3842-6042.

- Size: 12" ×24"
- Head: Remo Skin Deep
※ Head has been changed from fiber skin.
- Shell: Akosticon
- Weight: about 6kg
- Color: Earth

※ The shape of the lug has changed.


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