Rememanbe DJ-0014-24

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Unique color! Plastic head jumper.

REMO's janbe.The head is made of plastics, and the body is made of wood chips, which are called an acoustic chip.

Compared to Africa's janbe, it is a bit more concerned that the high scales peculiar to the plastics head still remain, but the sound of the low-sound to the high sound is enough.

Also, because it is a plastic head, it is not affected by humidity or weather, and without a stakeout problem.Head replacement is also easy, and maintenance is easy to maintain.

Size: 14 "× 25"
Head: Remo Fiber Skin
○ Shell: Acosticons
○ Weight: Approximated 75 kilograms
Color: Adinkra

* The picture is a sample.Changes have been made to the pretlogo, the hand and the lags specification.


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