KATO.B.K. Flannel GFL-3123K

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Wool and cotton are layered alternately

Wool and cotton are layered alternately, which is a well-balanced model.

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About the KATO.B.K. Flannel series
A model in which fabrics such as leather and Flannel are layered on the mallet head and the tip is pressed with a cap.
Covers the "hardness" that cannot be obtained with felt winding.
One of the features is that it uses various materials and has abundant variations.

● Head size (diameter): 31mm
● Head material: Wool + cotton
● Number of layers: 12 wool, 11 cotton
● Cap size: Small
● Bamboo handle (with grip tube)
● A set of 2

◆ About KATO BK (KATO.B.K/ Kato Mallet)
Former Tokyo Philharmonic An all-handmade timpani mallet by Akihiro Kato, the chief timpani player of the symphony orchestra.
With our unique core material, it is possible to bring out a richer and deeper sound with less cracking of the sound.
The high quality is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in Europe, and it is very popular.

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