Mike Balter/Balter Mallets Regular Series MB-B92R Clear Lex Head

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Balter Mallet Regular Series Clear Lexan Head

Mike Balter/Balter Mallets Regular Series is a series that creates tones with head material.
Six rubber spheres, one wood sphere, two metal spheres, all 14 types of plastic spheres are lineup.
The scope of application is wide and can be widely supported from keyboard instruments such as glocken and syrophone as wood blocks, temple blocks, and slit drums as a wide range of instrument mallets.

92R is a rattan pattern clearerex head (hardness: medium to medium hard) specification. The most suitable model for Glocken.

※ Standard pattern is a ratat specification, but the birch pattern will also be addressed.

※ Because this product is also sold at the store, the stock status is not in real time. If you are out of stock at the storefront, it will be ordered. Please note that we may receive considerable time for the order of imported goods Mallet.

● Head material: Lexan / Lexan
● Head hardness: Hard / GLO medium for XYL
● Head diameter: about 28.5mm
● Head color: Clear
● Total length: about 359mm
● Pattern: Material = rattan (wicker)
※ 2 sets

About head material = Lexan (also referred to as Lexan / Lexan)
A type of polycarbonate polymer (resin).
The appearance is similar to acrylic, but has very high transparency and impact resistance and combines "strength and lightness" because the specific gravity is small.

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