JPC sprint tree XG series xg-201r

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Mallet with brass for Glockenspiel Nylon ball JPC custom-made rattan * 2 pieces 1 set

A German-style mallet for orchestral glockenspiel. The acetal ball with brass is used for the head, and the tone using the weight is characterized by a thick line and a well-grained tone. The handle is considerably shorter than the conventional XB series.
Since the XG-201 series uses white nylon balls, the tone sounds softer than the XG-101 series.
Please note that this product has a brass weight in the core, so if you play with a bang that exceeds the limit, the head will be damaged.

* Delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(Not limited to the display during the year-end and New Year holidays and long holidays)

Size: φ22 × 280
Material: Nylon ball (with brass)
Pattern : JPC custom-made rattan pattern
2 pieces 1 set


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