[JPC's rattan] Playwood Standard XB-Series XB-3R

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Mallet for xylophone and glockenspiel XB-3R acetal * 2 pieces 1 set

Speaking of xylophone mallet and glockenspiel, they are familiar with Playwood's XB series. It is a super standard model of.
We have a whopping 14 types of lineup from XB-1 to XB-14. You can select two types of spheres, (large) and (small), for each head material.
If you have trouble choosing a tone for Glockenspiel, xylophone, etc., Playwood's standard series will help you choose a tone. This is a must-have mallet for percussion players !!

* Delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(During the year-end and New Year holidays and long holidays, it is not limited to the display)

* This product is also sold at stores, so the stock status is not real-time. Please note that if the item is out of stock at the store, it will be backordered.

〇Hardness: VH
〇Material: Acetal sphere φ25.5 × 350
〇Pattern material: JPC custom-made rattan Pattern
* Sold as a set of 2

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