Playwood Atsushi Sugahara model M-3014

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M-3000 Series Maple Taper Tapered Maple Pattern Model ※ 2 sets

Mallet M-3000 Series, M-3000 Series. Lineup of four types of M-3011 to 3014. The handle uses a maple material, and the head is also designed to be a slightly weighted, considering the handle balance when using 4 bottles. This M-3014 is exclusively for bus spaces and is an optimal mallet for ensemble.

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(In the case of the New Year and a large holiday, it is not as long as it is displayed)

Hardness: VS
Size: φ29 × 420
Pattern: Tapered Maple Pattern
Material: Ashiki
2 sets

※ Please note that the color and materials of the wool may change due to the convenience of the manufacturer.

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