Landscape from Kartini ot Bulgaria / Bulgaria

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Kartini ot burgaria is composed of four movements, and the classical and ethnic music imagined the scenery with the historical background.

Kartinot ot Bulgaria / dobri paliev

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B alkan:4TOM S. D, T. B, TIMP, congas, bongo, go go, vibrilap
T rakia:MRB VIB, glo, TIMP, S. D, CYM, 4tom, tri, go go, waldtest, vibriap
R odopi:MRB VIB, glo, TIMP, CYM
P irin:MRB Glo, TIMP, 4tom, S. D, bongo, congas, cabasa, tamb, T.B, and go go

[playing time]
Ballkan: about 1 minute 38 seconds
Trakia: about 1 minute 18 seconds
Rodopi: about 2 minutes 2 seconds
Pirin: about 2 minutes 5 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

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