Pearl travel conga PTC-1100

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The travel conga that carrying around is convenient for 11 ".🔊

The thin conga that attached REMO fiber skin to a thin body of approximately 9cm the travel conga that had a favorable reception.
Carrying around should be easy above all!
Because a body is thin, the base tone does not appear, but the open tone slap tone is very good and sounds and can use it for not only the exercise but also the performance enough.
SusTeen peculiar to a plastic head stays a little, but does not choose a place to use because it is easily possible in an attached wrench, and the tuning is not affected by weather and the humidity!

●Size: 11 "*9cm
●A body: Wood shell
●A head: REMO fiber skin

※An image is a sample.
※The stand becomes (PTC-STN) sold separately.
※Because you cannot attach it, please be careful about LP compact conga mounting systems.

I can put it away in 14 frame drum case ". (cf. product concerned)

Product concerned


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