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REMO Compact Size Conga. Feeling freely or practice! 🔊

REMO Compact Size Conga "Tobunate"!
10 "and the size is small, but an extension open tone slap tone sounds and is not only practicing, but also a volume that can be used enough for playing.
Also, since the plastic head (skin domip head) is used, you do not select the performance location without being affected by the weather and humidity.
Tuning is easy with the provided wrench.
As the musical instrument body is about 2cm, it is possible to practice even after the table, and it is perfect for practicing at home.
You can also mount and use it on a standing snare stand.

● Size: diameter 10 "× 10 cm height
● REMO Skind Peep Head

※ The image stand is sold separately.

※ Please contact us if you wish not to open.
Ethnic City Tel03-3842-6042

※ This is perfect for the Pandeiro Case for Protection Racket 10.
(Store the pouring surface downward. It takes a foothness down.)

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