VATER Stick & Finger Tape VST

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Non-slip used by wrapping it directly around the grip of the stick or fingers

Self-adhesive, hard to peel off, with a thin gauze / mesh style material that fits in your hand , Increases grip stability and helps prevent hand fatigue.

It can also be wrapped directly around your finger and can be used to protect the fingers of a drummer / percussionist.
There are 5 colors in the color lineup.

By wrapping it around the shaft of the so-called "bamboo dragonfly key", it becomes much easier to rotate the key.

● Tape width: 1 inch (2.54 cm)
● Overall length: 30 feet / approx. 9 m (for about 5 pairs of sticks)
● Color : VSTW white, VSTBL blue, VSTR red, VSTBK black, VSTG green (5 colors in total) / Please select when ordering
* The stick in the image is sold separately

* Sold in 1 volume I will.
* The number of pairs that can be handled varies depending on the winding method.


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