KATO.B.K. Model Seegers 17 SIBELIUS

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Dark-sounding, well-pronounced drumsticks

Model Seegers SIBELIUS!
The instrument sounds smart and directional.
It has excellent mobility and keeps the sound even with high drumhead tension!

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About KATO.BK Model Seegers

A detailed study of the felt winding method, core material, etc. of the timpani mallet owned by Mr. Seegers. , The basic model is born by reproducing.

The basic concept is "soft mallet and loud sound"

While there are various players such as differences in physique and playing style, there are many mallets that match each player. We have a lineup of 20 types (3 original types + 17 variations) selected over time from among the huge number of prototypes that we have created.

* The name of the variation model is given with the impression that Seegers himself felt during the trial, and it is not a stuffy thing that must be so, but please take it as a guide only.

This timpani mallet with a special head structure has the great advantage that the performer can control the clarity, timbre, and rhythm of the sound. The idea of ​​this mallet head has a history of about 150 years, and wood, sponge, wool, leather, etc. were used as materials at that time. Currently, wood, cork, leather, cotton (felt), etc. are mainly used. It continues to evolve, as if it had been used in performances in Central Europe for 150 years.
Liner Seegers

● Head size: S (33mm), M (35mm), L (37mm)
● Core material: Cloth Core / composite material available
● Felt thickness: 2.5 + 5 + 5mm
● Felt turns: 3
● Bamboo handle (with grip tube)
● 2 pieces in a set

< b> ◆ About KATO BK (KATO.B.K/ Kato Mallet)
An all-handmade timpanimalet by Akihiro Kato, the former chief timpanist of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
With our unique core material, it is possible to bring out a richer and deeper sound with less cracking of the sound.
The high quality is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in Europe, and it is very popular.

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