JPC エスニックシティオリジナルジャンベスタンド DJST-1

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A djembe stand that can be used for both sitting and standing.

The height of the djembe stand DJST-01 can be changed freely, and the height of the surface can be changed to conga, etc. An ethnic city original stand that can be set according to the instrument. (However, it is not possible to set the striking surface extremely diagonally.)

* If you are worried that the size will fit your djembe, please feel free to contact Ethnic City!
* This product was originally developed by JPC. Available only at JPC stores or eJPC.

● Compatible djembe size: Compatible with djembe with a height of 45 cm or more and a diameter of 22 to 38 cm.
● The plate on which the djembe is placed is 15.4 to 60 cm above the floor.
● Weight: Approximately 4kg

* Can also be used for some conga settings.
When the kinto size of the LP Classic series is mounted with the lowest stand setting, the height from the ground to the striking surface is about 90 cm.
Please contact Ethnic City for more information. (TEL: 03-3842-6042)


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