At JPC, we are making various efforts to prevent infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus and prevent their spread, and above all, to ensure that our customers can shop safely and with peace of mind.
Thank you for your understanding.

Safety and security initiatives

・ Please wear gloves when playing.

・ Please enter the store with one representative from one group as much as possible.

・ Keep distance ・ Securing social distance (keep the distance between people as much as possible)

・ Please use the elevator at intervals.

・ Please line up at the cash register at intervals.

・ Wearing a mask

・ Enter after disinfecting hands

・ Please refrain from visiting the store if you are not in good physical condition.

・ Depending on the congestion situation in the store, we may restrict entry. Please note.

・ Ventilation and regular cleaning inside the store

・ Installation of splash prevention sheet at cash register counter

・ Installation of customer's hand sanitizer

・ Regular disinfection of areas where customers can directly shake their hands

・ Use trays to deliver cards and money

・ Staff wearing masks

・ Staff hand sanitizer

・ Staff physical condition management / hand washing gargle

・ Reduction of business hours

・ Discontinuation of toilet use

We pray for the early termination of the new coronavirus infection and for your health and safety.