Q. How much does it take online store shipping costs?

A. It depends on the delivery area, product size, etc.about shipping costShipping policyPlease confirm.


Q. Can I return to products purchased in Online Store?

A.Return policyPlease confirm.


Q. How many days do you receive after ordering?

A. If you select "No Specification", you will be shipped at the shortest and scheduled shipments after 2 to 5 business days after your order date (Tuesday not shipped). On the day after the shipping date, we will notify you by e-mail the shipping company's document number by morning.


Q. Where is the delivery company?

A. Basically, it will be shipped by Yamato Transport or Sagawa Express.


Q. On the procedure method when issuing receipts needs to be issued

A. There is a fill column called "Request to JPC" in the total amount of the cart screen where you can list your order product. Please order after entering the following contents.

· Order number
· Address of receipt
· Butterfly of receipt


Q. Member Registration and Login Difference

A.EJPC Login and Membership Login Different.

  · EJPC Login: The mail order site is login information in EJPC.
· JPC member Login: JPC member support system that requires admission fee and annual fee.As you need to join the JPC Membership System, you will need to register separately.HerePlease confirm.

Q. Other unknown points areThank you.