Learn how to search

You can search for a category and search for products in the search box.

Search for a category from either the "Menu button at the top left of the page" or "Category per department at the bottom of the page".

After the list of products is displayed, you can use the feature "Filter" to narrow down.

In the upper left of the page, select the appropriate one in the Filter, Manufacturer or Category name.You can choose one from the manufacturer name and one from the category name.


About how to order

step1Select Products

Place the desired product on the product page in the cart.Check the products in the cart, and click the button to go to the next step.

step2Member Login

[If Member Registration is Omitted]

Log in with your email address and password that you entered during registration.

step3Ship-to designation

Select the ship-to address, or add a new one, and then click the button.

step4Select payment method

The payment method can be selected from the mobile payment service/PayPal, such as credit card/Amazon Pei.
In addition, please select the delivery time and various items.

If you chose Credit Card Payment with your payment method, please enter the credit card information you have.

step5Order completion

All order procedures have now been completed. You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after you complete the order.

If your order is out of reach after two business days, please specify your order number and contact us with this inquiry form.

If you have a spam mail setting, you may not receive email, so please check your mail settings.

Mail source domain:@komakimusic.co. jp

Product inventory is not guaranteed even if you have completed the purchase process, even if you put the product in the cart on the system.
Also, if there was a shortage of inventory at the completion of the purchase procedure, you may not be able to purchase it.Please be careful.

If the product is removed from the cart due to the following reasons, please note that there is no measure to bring the product back to the cart in any case, please preagree.

(1) When the cart has expired
(2) In the case where a special commodity of the limited number of sales is predetermined for the purchase score of a single person and the quantity exceeds the rule setting in the cart is made.
(3) Where the customer's use environment is outside the verification of our operation.
(4) During the purchase process, improper operation, such as pressing the browser's "back" button, has been performed.
(5) When you log in at the same time in multiple browsers under the same account.
(6) If a server error occurs during the process of the customer's purchase.
(7) When other customers have completed the purchase procedure first, and the inventory of goods is lost.




Other than the other questions,Please contact me.