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Vibraphone (f-f 3 oct)
Marimba (a - C 4 - 1 / 3 oct)
Five, six, seven

S studio charge (per hour)

Weekday mornings ~ 15 PM Every weekday from 15 - 20 pm Saturday, sunday, holiday, now in business
Normal price JPC member price Normal price JPC member price Normal price JPC member price
¥550 ¥495 ¥770 ¥693 ¥1,100 ¥990

Studio payments sum up the cost of your instruments available within studio charge + studio above.
We have limited use of b-studios for personal use.

◆ each studio is basically a variety of lessons studio.
If we have free time, we will be on loan for individuals or organizations.
Contact for further details:

◆ about lendingBusiness hoursSo this is our final mission
Due to the reception, people start at 11: 10 pm

Please check studio usage protocols for further review

< appointment tide >
I'll get it on the house and on the phone.
If you are using, please use the instruments, pack or not
I'd like to hear some practice and music.

< appointment, destination >
Percussion City 03 - 3845 - 3041
Drums city one, two, three
Ethnic City five - six - Seven
Yeah, whatever