Do you have an instrument that can sleep in your house?

The next step i'm going to show you right now is using jpc.

This is how it works

If you send a text before, for example, a photo of a musical instrument (entire, angle, scratches, etc.), name, item, purchase year, etc., that's much more detailed.

The larger instruments, such as malimba and timpani, are available directly for evaluation on the fly.

First, feel free to contact us!

Listen to me

Please understand that the time will certainly change depending on the type of instruments, such as the age and so on.

If you would like to have the schedule, I would appreciate it if you would.

Direct mail order, please

The payment for the purchase will also be a customer's expense when it is denied.

... regarding your payment
The payment for the transaction will be due the following month on the first business day of the month, as per example, in march
Customer account request

What they require in terms of shopping
Just as your personal examination
Please bring a list of bank accounts.


Please feel free to talk to the contacts below.

  • Concert percussion, percussion City telle 03 - 3845 - 3041
  • Ethnic percussion instruments relevant, ethnic City Tel 03 - 3842 - 6042
  • Drum set-related drum City Tel 03 - 3842 - 6044
  • The email invitation was from us > 
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Whatever you need, bro

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