UFiPとエスニックシティがタッグを組み、カホン用シンバルをプロデュース! その名も”DEL CAJON”

Italian long-established cymbal maker "UFiP" and Ethnic City have teamed up to produce cymbals for cajon! Its name is "DEL CAJON". DEL CAJON means "Cajon" in Spanish. As the name suggests, it is recommended as a cymbal for playing with cajon, with a thickness that allows you to hit the cajon with your bare hands!

■ Product concept

I'm sure many people are worried about the combination of cajon and cymbals.
Even if you call it a cymbal, it's a span for accents! There are various ways to use it, such as one shot, to a ride-like approach with a larger cymbal like a drum set.
Of course, you can use a cymbal for a drum set, but if you play with your bare hands, you need to select one that is easy to play, and if you use a ride-like approach, you need to select one that is familiar with the volume and pitch of the cajon. I will.

"DEL CAJON" is so thin that it will crack if you hit it hard with a stick! The 8 and 10 inches sound well with just one finger, and have outstanding responsiveness. The 14 and 16 inches can handle not only hand crashes but also ride-like approaches using rods and fine sticks!

■ 8 inch / ES-8CJ ¥ 15,400

Ultra-thin! Thinness that can be easily folded by hand. Because of this thinness, the pitch is low for 8 inches and there is no feeling of going up. The 8-inch splash cymbals for drum sets don't sound good on the pad of your finger, and you may need to play with your nails hooked on the edge of the cymbal, but don't worry. I think that you can use it comfortably without being conscious of the playing style unnecessarily as an accent when it comes to this.

■ 10 inch / ES-10CJ ¥ 18,150

This is also quite thin. Although it is 10 inches in size, the pitch is low. The image of a 10-inch splash is a sound like a cajon or a cajon, but the 10-inch of "DEL CAJON" sounds like a shan. Since the sustain in the high range is long, I think that it will work well even as a crash.

■ 14 inch / ES-14CJ ¥ 27,500

At this size, more bass comes out and you can get a comfortable fit by playing along with the bass of the cajon. I think it goes well with djembe and conga. This is also quite thin considering the size of 14 inches, and even if you use a rod etc., you can get a spread of low range properly, so a ride-like approach is perfect. I think it's a multi-use piece.

■ 16 inch / ES-16CJ ¥ 34,100

Although it is a common size in terms of size, it has a fairly calm pitch feeling due to its unique thinness. The rolls on the mallets are wide and very beautiful. Compared to the small size, the thickness is solid, so it seems to be good not only for cajon but also for a small crash for Timbales. However, be careful of hard hits! As I briefly introduced, cymbals are instruments with large individual differences! By all means, it is a gem that you should actually try the compatibility with Cajon!

(Trial report / Motohiro Shioya)

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