【Coming soon!】☆開催未定☆はじめてのアフロキューバン♪~キューバのパーカッションとアンサンブル~

Conga, timbales, and bongo drums are percussionists and batadoras. Monthly workshop by Naoya Masho, who is also a music player ♪

This is a workshop where you can fully feel the charm of Cuban percussion from JPC (Japan Percussion Center), which is also a sacred place for percussion instruments!

Through Afro-Cuban ensembles such as rumba and butter drums, challenge the movement of the left and right hands, which can also be polyrhythms and brain teasers. I'm sure the range of music will expand!

-What is Cuban street music "Rumba"?

Human-powered dance music that is performed to bring musical instruments to town squares and private houses and enjoy them at festivals. Call and response like a game has the fun of expanding the musical range. It is also a common language for Latin percussionists. If you have three conga, it's often a rumba session (laughs).


Date: 2021 undecided

Cuban Exercise Class 14: 00- (90 minutes) / Capacity 6 people (reservation required, up to the day before cancellation)
Participation fee: 3,300 yen

Cuban Ensemble Class 16: 00- (120 minutes) / Capacity 6 people (reservation required, up to the day before cancellation)
Participation fee: 3,300 yen

☆ Participation discount for 2 classes ☆ Participation fee: 5,500 yen

Place: Komaki Musical Instrument 4th Floor A Studio

Lecture: Naoya Masho

▼ For reservations and inquiries, please contact Ethnic City (03-3842-6042)! ▼

[Cuban Exercise]

Three kinds of Cuban percussion sacred treasures

・ Conga Bongo Timbales

Introducing the technique exercises you need every time!

Lectures on how to play musical instruments (*) used in Afro-Cuban standard rhythm ensembles such as rumba and tips, and unravel the mystery of emotional play that comes with a jerk.

The content is complete once, but we will prepare different tasks each time, so we would appreciate it if you could clear each one and improve your level!

Even those who are new to percussion are OK!
Please feel free to join us.

* Target instrument

・ Claves Shekere Conga Kata (Timbales)

[Cuban Ensemble]

I will do ensembles such as Rumbawawanko. Let's enjoy a lecture on basic patterns and an ensemble full of passion only for practice.

We will also touch on applied patterns!

We will prepare an ensemble pattern as a resume each time. Below are the main ensembles

・ Rumbawawanko ・ Rumba Columbia ・ Rumbayambu Abakua (Efo, Effie)
・ Paro, Makuta, Yuka, Mosambike, Comparsa


Let's do the ensemble at your own pace ♪
Please feel free to join us.

☆ You can also make a reservation by email ☆
c-nashiki@komakimusic.co.jp (Responsible: Nashiki)
・ Please let us know the class you would like to attend (with or without musical instrument rental), your name (phonetic), and your phone number.
* For classes with musical instrument rental, please let us know at the time of booking whether or not rental is available.
* Your reservation will be confirmed by replying from here. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to reply.
Please set the reception to avoid errors. If you do not receive a reply by the day before the WS date, please call us.
* Reservations by email must be made 5 days in advance.
After that, please make a reservation by phone.

◎ First Afro-Cuban ♪ ~ Rumba and Bata Drum ~ Recruiting e-mail magazine members ◎
We will inform you of the date and time of the workshop!
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Naoya Masokoro Profile

After leaving Sarah, studied abroad in Cuba for about a year and a half. Studied Latin percussion under Tomas Ramos Ortis “EL PANGA”, Adel Gonzalez (ex. Irakere) and others. Dawn on Latin drums. Studied the bass drum under Wilfredo Pedroso Rodriguez, a disciple of Pancho Quinto, the founder of Yoruba Andabo. Recognized as a batá drum player with experience playing in Cuban religious ceremonies. Shortly after returning to Japan, he started his career as a percussionist by making a guest appearance on the Bata drum at the salsa band Salsa Swingoza live by Mr. Ogimi. Recently, he participated in the recording of Salsa Swingoza's latest album "CANTANDO" with a bass drum. Participated in the new century dance hole band "Romantic Babalu" formed by world-renowned dancer Darling Saeko. In addition, he is engaged in various live performances, recordings and instructor activities, including the activities of his own salsa band "AFINCA247".

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